Welcome to Belles and Arrows Morris

We are a mixed Morris side, although sadly no men dancing at present. We have a brand new kit and now wear baldricks over a white shirt and black trousers and bell pads and of course flowery hats, plus add lovely new tatters and black top hats for when we do our Border dances. (On some photos etc you will still see our old kit with red and blue waist coats.)

Our dances are mainly from the Cotswold  and Border traditions, the Cotswold dances are mostly from the villages of Adderbury, Stanton Harcourt, Lichfield and Ducklington and each have their own styles, they are often danced with hankies. The Border dances (from the border to Wales) tend to be more flamboyant and lively and are always danced with sticks, the dancers often paint their faces or wear masks. 

We dance to have fun, keep fit and socialise! We currently practice three times a month mainly during winter while dancing out in summer at fetes, festivals, pubs etc in the local area and further afield. You can also book us for events.

We have recruited some new members but we need more, whether you are an experienced dancer or a complete beginner, we promise you a warm welcome (under 16 year olds will need to be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult). We also need more musicians! The first session is free but to cover the costs of the hall we charge £7.50 a month.


A Short History Of Almost Everything (about B&A)

Our side was formed from the amalgamation of two Morris sides in the area, 'Southsea Belles' and 'Arrowhead'. Southsea Belles began life as a female Cotswold side in 1977, the year of the Queen's jubilee. Arrowhead was a small group of male Morris dancers based in Portchester, their dances came from both Cotswold and Border traditions, it later transferred its base to Fareham. In 2006 both sides merged which was expressed in the new name of 'Belles & Arrows'.


Another Heading

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